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Conference Alignment, Big 10 Pac 10 Mountain West

Posted on: June 10, 2010 2:45 pm
With Colorado Gone Now for the Pac 10, Nebraska and Missouri to the Big 10 and Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to the Pac-10 as well. That leaves KU, K-State, Iowa State and Baylor left out of the Picture and need a conference to join. Well With the Mountain West Conference looking to expand the Mountain West Adds KU, K-State, Iowa State, Baylor and add Boise State and Mountain West is renamed the Big 14 as Big 10 will be named Great Mideast Conference and Big 14 replaces Big 12 as a BCS Conference. This whole Conferenbce alignment is out of whack as this whole sports world is becoming all about money. With K-State Movingnto the Mtn west Heres what the Mountain West Split Conference Should look like:

1. Air Force
2. BYU
3. Colorado State
4. Kansas
5. Boise State
6. Utah
7. Iowa State


1. TCU
2. New Mexico
4. Kansas State
5. Baylor
6. San Diego State
7. Wyoming

Heres the New Big 10:


1. Ohio State
2. Michigan
3. Illinois
4. Penn St
5. Michigan State
6. Notre Dame
7. Northwestern


1. Nebraska
2. Missouri
3. Purdue
4. Indiana
5. Iowa
6. Wisconsin
7. Minnesota

Heres the New Pac 10 now Pac 16


1. Oregon
2. Oregon State
3. Colorado
4. Washington
5. Washington State
6. Arizona
7. Arizona State
8. California


1. USC
3. Stanford
4. Texas
5. Texas Tech
6. Texas A&M
7. Oklahoma
8. Oklahoma State

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